16 Nov

“Modified” Co-Ed?

Starting in 2007 we began offering “Modified” Co-Ed divisions in addition to our regular Co-Ed divisions. Below are some of the differences between the Modified Co-Ed rules and regular Co-Ed.

Line-up: A Modified Co-Ed team consists of 10 players, 6 men and 4 women. However, a team may begin with a minimum of 9 players, of which 3 must be women. Teams may also start the game with 5 males and 4 females. If a team starts with 9 players and a player arrives late, that player may enter the game immediately, in the last spot in the batting order. Until the last player arrives, the vacant position will be an out. Three males may not bat in a row. If using extra players, 12 players (7 male and 5 female) must start the game.

At-Bats: The batter begins each plate appearance with the count of one ball and one strike. The batter is allowed one free foul ball after the second strike.  Teams use the 12-inch softball for both male and female batters.

If a male batter walks before another male batter he is awarded 1st base only. If he walks in front of a female batter he is awarded 2nd base.

In the Field : Teams must have at least one female in the infield and outfield, and one male and one female as pitcher and catcher. All other rules are the same as City Co-Ed (ASA Rules.)

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