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Thanks for stopping by. First, a quick introduction — we are the San Francisco Softball League, one of the oldest and largest Adult Softball Leagues on the west coast. We have hundreds of teams playing seven days per week at diamonds all over San Francisco. Our divisions cover a wide range of skill levels — there’s one that’s right for your company or other group. Playing softball out in the fresh air is the ultimate in “team building” — but we do it for fun!  

Getting signed up for San Francisco Softball is easy!

1.)  First decide what type of division you want to play in — Coed or Mens.

2.)  Then, send an email to teams {at} sfsoftball(.)com with your Team Name, your first and last name, home street address, city and zip and phone number. We will email you your User name and a temporary Password so you can register your team.  Please also indicate the experience level of your team.

3.)  Once you have your User Name and Password, go to the Manager Accounts page  and you will be able to register your team during our registration week: August 4 through August 11.   Team Fee : $825. Season is 8 games + top teams make Citywide playoffs. League Play begins the week of August 27-Sept 1, 2018.

Questions? Call or email Joann, our League Director: 415-831-6316  leagueoffice {at} sfsoftball(.)com

Great! Where and when do we play?

San Francisco Softball Leagues games happen all over San Francisco, every day of the week (weeknights and weekend days.) Once your team is placed into a division you will have your games the same day/night of the week throughout the eight game season. Typically you will have your games at the same field — or couple of fields — each week. Game start times range from 6:30-8:50 PM on weeknights and from 10AM to 3PM on weekends. You can request your favorite field locations and even game start times when you register — the League does its best to accommodate such requests.

Our primary fields are:

Moscone Park (Marina) : Chestnut St. & Buchanan St., San Francisco CA 94123 

Lang Field (Civic Center) : Turk St. & Octavia St., San Francisco CA 94102 

Jackson Field
(Potrero Hill) : 17th St. & Arkansas St., San Francisco CA 94107

We also occasionally have games at:

Rolph Field (Mission) : Cesar Chavez and Potrero Ave., San Francisco CA 94110

How many folks do I need for my team roster?

You need to have at least nine players for an official game. You can have up to ten players on defense (four outfielders) and most teams do so. In addition, you can have two Extra Hitters in your batting order and these players can come in to play defense at any point during the game. We usually recommend that teams carry at least fifteen players on the official roster to make sure you’re covered for each game.

You can have anybody you like on your roster — friends, family, etc — they don’t have to be people at your company/other organization. That said, there is a $10 roster fee per player that lives outside of San Francisco.

Anything Else I need to know ?

Joann, our League Director, will be happy to answer any questions you have about getting your team together : 415-831-6316  leagueoffice {at} sfsoftball(.)com.

Play Ball!

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